Three decades of community. A safe and substance-free space for teens. Workforce and skills development. And, hey — it's pretty fun.


Performance Venue

Flint Local 432, now in its permanent home, offers a venue for artists of any age to book performances, and strut their stuff in any genre. Artists are able to partner with mentors on promotion — learning everything from basic design skills to safe social media communication, and of course, how to present oneself well on stage! Shows are packed, and youth come out in droves to support one another. These relationships will foster technological skill development and the confidence to think creatively; necessary attributes for success in post-secondary education and the workforce. 

                                        Downtown Flint's Arts Anchor


The Local hosts everything from poetry slams (and tours!) to rap battles, to blogging workshops to scripted readings to a good old fashioned punk rock show. There's an event for everyone in your life at any age. And, while the Local may have started 30 years ago with basement rock shows and cafe concerts, it's now a hub and spoke movement, bringing the arts throughout Downtown Flint covering all genres and engaging all audiences. 

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Community Outside the Club

Flint Local 432 cultivates citizenship by collaborating with Red Ink Flint programs like: No Child Left Online; Flint STEAMWorks; Artist Exhibitions; and Youth Entrepreneurship. The ability to engage youth in community service, environmental awareness, and to creatively problem solve for the demands of the new emerging and evolving workforce will give an advantage to youth who are often under-served in their public school environments due to budget cuts. We bridge that gap with authentic apprenticeships and a whole lot of fun.